We screen and study films (documentaries, shorts, animation, movies) on theology and religious issues.

Our main focus is on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and how these religions treat:

  • reason, creative thinking, questioning
  • the pursuit of personal happiness
  • dissent & criticism
  • apostasy & unbelievers
  • individual rights and women’s rights
  • and many other fascinating areas

We examine the founders of each religion, its scholars and key figures, as well as the current and historic words and deeds of its various advocates and followers.

We are as much an adult learning project as we are a properly constituted Film Society.

Moses parting his hair


Membership is restricted to those who are pro Israel and support Classical Liberal principles such as free markets, free speech, capitalism, property rights.

Atheists and Objectivists (follows of Ayn Rand’s philosophy) are welcome.

Cost: $2 per year.

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